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Mydream-ltd is a company that provides business consulting services at a high level. We are constantly improving our skills and knowledge to guarantee our clients a comprehensive and high-quality approach to solving their problems. Our team consists of experienced professionals who value the result and are always ready to respond quickly to emerging problems.

We not only provide IT business consulting services within the framework of individual consultations, but also provide them in a complex way during the implementation of projects. Our team includes developers, project managers, IT specialists, analysts and project managers who guarantee the efficient execution of work at every stage of the project.

IT consulting

IT consulting


What types of IT consulting do we provide?

Mydream-ltd specialists provide consulting on key indicators of both external and internal activities of the company’s IT department

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We provide best-in-class consultancy service

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When and for whom is IT consulting needed?

We recommend using the IT consulting service
in cases where you need:

Select and implement software products to solve business problems
Optimization of inefficient IT processes within the company;
Improving IT infrastructure without attracting expensive specialists to the staff
Reducing the cost of implementing IT technologies and solutions within the company
Find reliable IT service providers
Design and construction of new projects
Reduce the cost of the IT component of the business
Ensure IT business security
Consulting on technical issues related to IT
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the IT department
Choose a high-quality solution for process automation
Conducting an IT audit of your company
Conduct an assessment of the necessary investments in the project
Design a high-quality and correct architecture for your IT project

The main stages of IT consulting

IT consulting is carried out by specialists in three stages
At this stage, the tasks and goals for which an IT consultant is involved are identified and agreed upon, an action plan is drawn up. problems and business requirements are discussed. As a result of collective work, an agreed plan of planned activities and terms of reference are formed.
The stage provides for a survey of IT infrastructure facilities specified in the terms of reference. Both software, equipment, and the structure of the department, staff training, etc. can be subject to analysis. The main task of the stage is to identify problem areas in terms of deviations from industry standards.
Processing the results obtained and generating proposals for improving the performance, operability and efficiency of the IT infrastructure, as well as optimizing the costs of using and maintaining it. IT consulting identifies bottlenecks in the infrastructure and gives the business an understanding of how it needs to be transformed.

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